Light on the Environment, Light on You

LEYT is a choice—to make more with less, to make styles with lasting value. It means clothes that will move with you and let you feel comfortable in your own skin, so that you will want to keep them for years, not seasons.

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LEYT’s debut collection is a spark—
A weightless moment, alive with promise.
The moment is always there.
Live within the feeling.
And go—


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Handwoven Artisanal Fabrics

LEYT works with skilled handweavers to design and develop our own fabrics. These textiles are made in small batches without using electricity, powered only by human hands and feet working the traditional handloom. We get to create beautiful fabrics with a much lower carbon footprint, and help sustain communities that base their livelihoods and heritage on this craft.

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Handloomed-Fabric Headbands

Sometimes all that remains of our unique fabric is yardage that would otherwise go unused. This is where our headbands come from. Whether you have close-cropped hair or an unruly mane, our headbands give everything above the neck a sense of order and fun.

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Several headband styles arranged together.

About the Founder

I started LEYT after giving birth to my son, when my life was changed for good, both physically and mentally. I needed to make a positive difference in the world. I wanted my clothes to be beautiful and comfortable, and to be produced ethically and responsibly. And I wanted to make this happen myself. 

I spent a decade in corporate fashion, producing countless garments according to a grueling calendar, competing for fleeting attention. That experience affected me deeply. I created LEYT with two goals in mind: to ease a woman’s day, and to reduce the industry’s environmental impact. I hope to make clothes with lasting value—for people to view their clothes as something they can keep for a long time or even pass to the next generation, like my mom did for me.

— Cathy

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