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Our Mission

Our clothes must serve who we are today.

LEYT is pronounced light, and in the Middle English it meant spark.

Fashion can ask too much of us: of our self-image and self-worth, and of our planet’s resources. I want instead to make clothes that work for who we are today. Women’s lives take them far and wide and the clothes must follow, from the home to the office to a getaway and back. Our clothes need to keep up with us, to be as fluid and as ambitious as we are.

LEYT is built to move—to favor real bodies and real lives, to be glamorous without being restrictive. I want you to wear LEYT because it feels natural on your skin, because it is comfortable and freeing, and because it makes you feel more like yourself.

How we make the clothes.

I want to make clothes responsibly—or not at all. What we wear should be a choice with a conscience. We cannot ignore the stakes in an apparel industry that touches so many communities and requires as many resources as it does.

LEYT uses only natural fibers, namely silk, cotton, and rayon, that generate less impact on the environment, and we purchase small quantities of fabric to reduce excess waste. We work directly with skilled weavers in Bangladesh who have been performing their hand-looming craft for multiple generations. The unique patterns we design in partnership with them are handwoven and hang dried, requiring minimal electricity and water use, before being shipped to sewers here in the United States.

Most fabric is power-loomed today—but there are still people who make things the old way. By continuing to participate in this tradition we get to create high-quality and unique fabric for our clothes while helping to sustain and support a community and preserve the heritage and skills of this ancient craft. 

artisan hang dry LEYT fabric

LEYT is continuing to work on improving our supply chain and materials to keep our operations as carbon light as possible. 

LEYT is dedicated to working with our local factories to foster the unique community right here in NYC.

Our sustainability goal:

We strive to incorporate all sustainable materials wherever we can, even down to the packaging. That’s why we ship with recycled kraft boxes and use recycled tissue paper. All of our tags are made out of paper that is less treated, so everything can be recycled.