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Article: How to Find the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

Woman wearing polka dot jumpsuit

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

I love going to weddings! There are fewer occasions in life than you might think to get super fancy and see your favorite people at once for a joyous event. Weddings deserve our best. But even when you're excited to attend your friend or family member's big day, deciding what to wear might be tricky.
What makes a great “Best Dressed” wedding guest outfit?
First they have to do 4 things:
  1. You have to be able to pack it. 
  2. You have to be able to dance in it.
  3. You have to be able to eat and drink in it.
  4. You have to look and feel great doing all of the above!

    Choose wedding guest attire that will never go out of style

    Now that you know the key practical criteria for wedding guest attire, it's time to choose a look that is timeless, classy and elegant. You need wedding attire that won’t go out of style, a piece that you can fit into your next year’s special event calendar and for the future years to come. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite LEYT pieces that fit those criteria and more!

    Best wedding guest dresses

    The Isabelle Silk Dress is a beautiful V-neck dress with puff sleeves that can be dressed up with a self-tie. The navy and black dress options feature a flattering neckline that shows off your feminine side, and the puff sleeves add a touch of glamor that will last you well into the night. Wear this maxi dress to a formal wedding and keep it for future special events.

    Black silk dress

    The Chantal Silk Dress is a sophisticated midi dress that will easily become your go-to dress for occasions requiring formal attire—weddings, work functions, or cocktail parties. The rusched neck adds just the right amount of detail to this simple modern luxury dress. The high neckline and long sleeves make this great to wear to a fall wedding. Choose from the gorgeous blue or classic black options. 

    woman wearing blue silk dress

    Best wedding guest jumpsuits

    The Gemma Jumpsuit—a formal jumpsuit with a timeless silhouette will empower your senses. You will step out confidently with this special piece to wow the crowd. The eye-catching burnt orange color option is eye catching in all the right ways! It's a fashionable look that remains classy and formal. This jumpsuit also comes in a black and navy blue color. It's cut in a relaxed fit with ultra wide leg and side pockets. Whether you're attending an evening or daytime wedding ceremony, this practical and comfortable jumpsuit won't disappoint!

    woman wearing burnt orange jumpsuit

    The Charlotte Jumpsuit in polka dot and in stripe—LEYT’s fun and flirty jumpsuit for all ages. Cut in a flattering A-line silhouette with an adjustable tie at the front, it’s a twist on a classic look. This is the perfect choice for a beautiful day at a garden wedding party or cocktail event. Handwoven by our fair-trade artisans, and ethically made with natural fiber, this medium-weight cotton blend fabric is soft to the touch while still breathable for your skin. Great for a sunny destination wedding or summer wedding!


    Polka dot jumpsuit

    Shop wedding guest outfits - luxury dresses & formal jumpsuits for women

    Invited to a wedding but not sure what to wear? We offer a range of quality luxury dresses and jumpsuit styles for formal and semi-formal wedding dress codes! Shop our collection.



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